Family Thatchers, Rich in Heritage,
Grounded in Tradition

Covering Somerset, Dorset & Devon

Packham Thatchers is a family-run business, with over 30 years experience and a thatching family heritage. We are highly regarded by our local clients for our traditional thatching services, and throughout the UK for our homegrown water reed and wheat straw thatch.


We can bring our specialised skills and expertise to any thatching project, from traditional cottages to new builds. As our customer, your satisfaction is our top priority. We make every effort to keep you informed and involved throughout the entire thatching process.

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Packham Thatchers is based out of Ilminster and largely cover the South West including Somerset, Dorset, and Devon. We have also taken our traditional thatching services as far afield as Oxford, Norfolk and France.

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Packham thatchers - Covering Dorset, Somerset and Devon

We can supply

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> Advice on all aspects of thatching
> Conservation & Estate work
> Timberwork
> Filmwork & Set Construction

Thatching Services

> New builds
> Rethatching
> Patching & storm damage
> Rethatching
> Ridging

About Packham Thatchers

Packham Thatcher’s heritage started when aged just 16, Steven Packham started thatching with local Master Thatcher, Jack Lewis. Steven realised quickly he had found his calling and decided to cultivate his thatching skills. In 1974, he attended Knuston Hall and gained his qualifications in thatching. In his spare time, Steven was also experimenting with growing his own wheat straw on a small plot of ground in his family's garden.
1850s Clayton & Shuttleworth threshing machine.1850s Clayton & Shuttleworth threshing machine.1850s Clayton & Shuttleworth threshing machine.

1850s Clayton & Shuttleworth threshing machine. restored to full glory.

In 1979, he was ready to start his own company and so began Packham Thatchers. With his attention to customer service and specialised thatching skills, Steven became so busy that he expanded the business and took on two apprentices. His plot of land for his homegrown wheat straw had grown too, and Steven haggled with a local thresher to buy his 1850s Clayton & Shuttleworth threshing machine. Once restored to full glory, Steven used it to thresh his own wheat straw and hired it out to other local growers. In the following years, Steven gained his Master Thatcher status and Packham Thatchers grew from strength to strength.

Traditional Thatching Services

Following in the family tradition Steven’s son, Jack Packham started working with his Dad for pocket money in the school holidays and on Saturdays. As he grew older, he moved away from thatching to study agriculture and countryside management. After college, he decided to travel the world and it was halfway around the world that Jack realised he simply loved thatching. Like his Dad, he had already found his calling and it was back home in Somerset. He returned home to attend Knuston Hall as part of his seven-year apprenticeship, ending in an NVQ in Thatching and a job waiting with Packham Thatchers. Jack built his way up the company until November 2018 when he became a partner in the family business.

Covering the South West - Dorset, Somerset and Devon

Today they have 7 thatchers working for them, with around 120 years combined thatching experience. Packham Thatchers are growing their own wheat straw on a much larger scale, with around 70 acres a year for thatching and distribution throughout the UK. The Clayton & Shuttleworth machine is still going strong and is available to contract for other growers and film/ TV prop hire. Their expertise in homegrown wheat straw has given them the opportunity to travel the length of the UK and even further afield to France and the Netherlands.

From the fields of Somerset to the roofs of Great Britain, Packham Thatchers is proud of their thatching heritage and they look forward to what the next generation brings.



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(Steve) 07966 228 754